Our Philosophy

RYS Group specializes in providing business owners with a comfortable way out of the business world. Whether your struggling in your business, living pay check to pay check, sick and tired of the entrepreneurial grind, or simply looking for a change, we can help. From takeovers, acquisitions and turnarounds, RYS Group focuses on WIN-WIN transitions that allow all parties involved to rest easy when their head hits the pillow at night. Unfortunately, in a world full of crooks, selfishness and distrust, we only do business with PEOPLE who operate ethical businesses and display solid values and transparency. We firmly believe that at the end of the day, you’ve got to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and be proud – and that’s why we treat all our partners fairly, and don’t do business if such win-win arrangements can’t be made. . If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us using the form below.

Our Process

It all starts with coffee. Sure, to some it may seem silly, but if we can’t sit over coffee without our gut saying something is off, we rarely more forward. The world is full of opportunities, and no time or energy should ever be wasted with doubt in the mind. If no red flags go up during our initial meet and greet, we take it to the next step – numbers. Unlike the glamorous life of those on Shark Tank, we’re not going to shut you down because you don’t know your business or aren’t making enough sales – we’re just trying to get a good feel for where the business currently is, so that when we do our own research we can identify if there is any upside potential making the acquisition worthwhile.

From there, if applicable, we mystery shop. We tend to like our first visits or experience with a company to be “opinion free”, and that’s easiest when the boss doesn’t even realize we’re checking things out. Again, if things go well, we get serious, start talking options, go forward with due diligence and make magic happen.

Of course, we respect your privacy, and encourage you to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement prior to any due diligence. You can download one here: Confidentiality Agreement

Our Projects

When we look at a company, we aren’t looking at the traditional things business brokers are looking for, like strong sales, solid cash flow, a powerful brand, etc. Where we really thrive is with a company that has incredible potential, but for whatever reason is underperforming. This is a business where we can use our skills and expertise in marketing and business growth to do a full 180 and turn a business into a cash cow.

The beauty of our expertise is that it’s not limited to any specific industry. We’ve worked with fast food, fitness, golf, health care, banking, printing, restaurants, eCommerce, etc.


RYS Marketing

Your full service marketing agency, driven by results.


The Perfect House

It’s like reverse real estate – let the houses come to you.


Dirt Bike Box

The Dirt Bike Box is the ULTIMATE motocross truck box designed to store and secure everything you need when heading to the track or just out for a ride.


You VS You Book

How to take charge of your weight, your health, and your life – sustainably.



Success Is Life On Your Terms. You only have one life, make it yours.


Dirt Bike Bling

Dirt Bike Bling is your one stop shop for all things BLING. We source non-essential, yet visually stunning dirt bike accessories to make your bike stand out from the crowd.


Creative Kitchens

Creative Kitchens is more of a passion pastime that turned into a business. Creative Kitchens sources the neatest kitchen gadgets to make your next hosting event a blast.


Wake Up Healthy

Wake Up Healthy is your one stop spot for the most unique fitness apparel, efficient at home fitness equipment and personal motivation.